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Now your entire fleet will not only be charged, it’ll be charged at the lowest possible rate.

Congratulations on deciding to add electric-powered vehicles to your fleet. You’ll finally be able to get rid of your gas guzzlers. But welcome to a whole new world of other challenges. Now your facility’s electric costs will be higher. A lot higher if you don’t understand how the power company charges for electricity and how you can take advantage of it to get the best rates. And what if one of your vehicles fails to charge and is unavailable for the next day’s work? The algorithms are complicated, but we’ve done the work for you. All you have to do is plug in.

EVauto® fleet charging control system consists of three powerful, easy-to-use, proprietary EV control tools that will automatically reduce your electric vehicle charging costs, improve your vehicle availability and give you important operational data for better fleet management.

Automatically reduces EV charging costs and improves vehicle availability

EVauto® FleetController, the foundation of the system, provides automatic smart load management for  every vehicle in your fleet and dynamically adapts to each day’s conditions.


Automatic Smart Load Management

Gives you the lowest cost per charge by automatically moving your charging to a cheaper part of the night and regulating your amount of power to take advantage of utility tariff programs.


Automatic Demand Response (ADR) Integration

 Enables you to participate in utility demand-response programs in which the utility company pays you to reduce your usage upon notification during periods of peak demand. The faster you reduce your power consumption, the more you earn.


Building Energy Management System Integration

 Compatible with and easy to integrate into any building energy management system (EMS/BMS) so you can better manage peaks.


Automatic Weather Adjustments

Automatically adjust your charging based on extreme weather conditions, such as periods of high heat or high cold, both of which require longer charging periods.


Provides minute-by-minute cloud-based operational data for better EV fleet management

EVauto® FleetManager provides a real-time daily summary of charging operations that gives you actionable information on each vehicle’s daily operation and charge cycle.


Automatic Charging Issue Alerts

Help you avoid problems by alerting you when a vehicle isn’t charging or is only partly charging or when your electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) has failed.



Individual Vehicle Metrics

Provide detailed trending data from each charger for each vehicle including actual vehicle usage, kWh used, time plugged in and unplugged, connect-disconnect time and arrival-departure without involving your drivers.



Energy Dashboard

 Provides KPIs (key performance indicators) about your fleet energy power usage that your energy analyst can use to get you the cheapest plan from your power company.


Fleet Dashboard

Displays the charging status and charging history of each connected vehicle in your fleet so that you can ensure that all of your vehicles are ready to go when you need them. 

EVauto FleetPortal

Facilitates exchange of data with external sources for greater cost savings and control options

EVauto® FleetPortal gives you greater cost savings and control options by allowing EVauto® FleetManager to use data from external sources including your building energy management systems, utility OpenADR, time-of-use (“TOU”) pricing, third-party fleet recharge management systems and cloud analytic platforms. 


EMS Integration

Allows EVauto® to exchange data from third-party energy management systems to create a comprehensive integrated control system.


OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol) connectivity

Combines EVauto®’s excellent energy savings with features from other systems by allowing EVauto® to be controlled by any OCPP fleet recharge management system, including those from other vendors.


Custom Interfaces

Supports connections to most external web visualization tools so that you can create custom interfaces to meet your needs.


Simplified Data Modeling and Analytics

Features native semantic tagging of trend data to simplify data modelling and analytics using external tools to provide predictive analysis and advanced usage data.

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