Manage Fleet Charging

EVauto®  delivers a robust, onsite control system designed to increase charge system reliability and to reduce electricity costs for charging an EV fleet.  The core of the system is our patent-pending rules engine that enables set-it-and-forget-it operation.  Working with our support team, customers configure rules for charger operation based on each site’s particular needs.  On …

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OCPP or Modbus?

I still get excited about birthdays.  Mine was the other day.  I like the silly bits the most – funny hats and off-key singing.   So last week when a friend asked, “What’s your favorite dessert?”  I knew that she wanted a single answer so that she could make a sweet treat for my big day, …

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Modbus Supports the Rapidly Changing World of EVSE

When something is still an industry standard 43 years after its introduction, that’s a pretty strong statement about its quality, utility, and effectiveness. Meet Modbus, the little engine that could and can and still does.  Modbus is a communication protocol, and while it was introduced 43 years ago, it’s still the standard in the world …

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What is OCPP?

The world of EV charging has always been ripe for innovation and new, creative ideas.  New types of chargers with expanded capabilities seem to be appearing every other day.  It’s a big wide charger world out there waiting with open arms to embrace all chargers. But with innovation comes problems.  In an EV charging world …

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EVauto® Selects Lynxspring Technology for New Electric Vehicle Charging Control Solution

LEE’S SUMMIT, MO. – April 28, 2022 – Lynxspring, Inc. (www.lynxspring.com), a premier developer and provider of open software and hardware platforms, solutions, and services for smarter buildings, equipment control, and device-to-enterprise integration, announced today that EVauto® has selected Lynxspring’s JENEsys® and JENEsys Edge® controllers, powered by the Niagara Framework®, for their new Electric Vehicle …

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When Open Means Closed

OCPP is a communication standard for connecting electric vehicle chargers to a charge management system.  The “O” in the acronym actually stands for “Open,” but that message hasn’t gotten through to a number of charger manufacturers who have closed these open standards.  I’m not being repetitive; the title is a request to all charger manufacturers …

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