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We’re Control Dynamix – the power behind the EVauto® fleet management control system. We’re known for designing and engineering commercial building control systems that are powerful, affordable and easy to use by opening up closed legacy systems to the internet. Now, we’ve used that knowledge and experience to develop a patent-pending algorithm that we believe will revolutionize EV fleet management.



People often ask us, “But what do you really do?” Quite simply, we say we do things that are good for our world. With more than 30 years of domestic and international IT experience and a strong history of business, academic and technological accomplishments, we’ve designed demand-response systems, implemented advanced metering systems and created electric vehicle control solutions.


From our corporate headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, site of the world’s busiest airport, we can be wherever and whenever you need our us and serve clients throughout the country.

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Meet Andy

Control Dynamix Founder and CEO Andy Abrams has a 30-year background in commercial engineering, design and construction for real estate, healthcare and education. Andy specializes in using off-the-shelf technology to develop and maintain innovative energy management and control IT solutions that provide energy systems that run better, faster and cheaper. EVauto® fleet charging control system is the result of his experience, now applied to the need of owners of commercial electric-vehicle (EV) fleets to manage their vehicle charging costs and fleet performance.

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