Electric Vehicle Charging

Does Smart Charging Require Telematics?

Telematic Systems Telematics is the technology of sending, receiving, and storing information using telecommunication devices with the objective of controlling remote objects.  In English for all the non-engineers out there: a vehicle telematic system combines a cellular device installed in your vehicle that tracks location and operating information with back-end systems that analyze that data …

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Fleet EV Demand Response

If you have spent any time in the south, you know Waffle House.  The 24/7 chain has a loyal following.  They also have a unique way of dealing with their popularity.  When customer counts begin to exceed a restaurant’s capacity, Waffle House doesn’t enlarge that restaurant.  Instead, they build another one.  Across the street.  Or …

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Flexibility is Key

In Field of Dreams, James Earl Jones famously states that the one constant in America though all the years, is baseball.  In the world of electric vehicle fleets, the one constant is change.  The demands on your EV fleet change daily, if not hourly.  Production changes, rush orders, urgent requests, driver availability, customer requests, weather …

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Emotions around V2G

I’m trying to understand the emotions around V2G (aka bi-directional charging). That’s not a typo. I wonder how would bi-directional charging make vehicle operators feel. Will cost savings override range anxiety? As an engineer, this question takes me into an area where I’m not well versed, but as an entrepreneur focused on EV Smart Charge …

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Very Smart EV Fleet Charging

What is a “Smart” EV Fleet charging control system?  While that seems like a simple question,  the definition of  “smart” varies depending who’s asking.  To an energy manager a “smart” system is one that charges vehicles at the lowest cost.  To a fleet operator, a “smart” Fleet Charge Control System ensures that all vehicles are …

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