Our Company

EVauto® was founded to do one thing: help operators of electric vehicle fleets reduce the cost of charging their fleets.  By doing this, and doing it well, EVauto increases electric fleet operator profits and shortens the payback period on your electric fleet investment, making electric fleets a more viable option for more companies, municipalities, and education providers.  It also contributes to making the world a cleaner, greener place.

EV auto control dashboards

EVauto’s roots are in two companies, Servidyne and Control Dynamix.  These companies focus on designing and optimizing commercial building control systems that increase ease of management and reduce building operating costs.  EVauto built on that knowledge and expertise, but with a focus on electric vehicle fleet charging systems.

That focus, combined with the hands-on experience gained from private sector electric fleet pilot programs and decades of control systems expertise, led to the development of EVauto’s proprietary patent-pending algorithm.  The EVauto platform looks at electric fleet charge control in a whole new way, reacting automatically to variances in electricity supply and rates while preserving the flexibility electric vehicle fleet managers need to optimize their fleet charging operations.


EVauto’s founder, Andy Abrams, still leads the company.  His 30 years of experience in commercial engineering, design, and control systems development and operations guides the development, refinement, and testing of the EVauto platform.  His desire for constant improvement drives the company’s focus on constantly improving platform performance and expanding its features and capabilities.

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