EV Fleet Energy Simulation

EVauto fleet charging control system

We’re pleased to offer free EV Fleet Energy Simulation using EVauto's powerful smart load control system. This offer is available to qualified firms that want to better understand how adding an EV Fleet charging will impact their energy usage.  The simulation will deliver estimated 15-minute interval data for kWh consumed  by charging and trickling.  This data is critical when trying to gauge the cost for charging under the myriad of utility tariffs available in most areas.

Simulator Origin

We didn’t set out to create an energy simulator as an end goal.  Our goal at the time was to create a realistic simulator as a tool to support of our software quality control and testing processes.  Over our 10-year history of deploying EV charge information systems, we’ve seen countless variations in fleet charging failures.  Each of these charging failures needs to be correctly processed by our system’s algorithms, but we can’t ask our clients to intentionally cause problems in their existing fleet.  Therefore, we had to simulate fleet operations to test and tune our code.


A client who’s considering a new EV fleet called to ask if we could help their utility analyst in an effort to select the optimal tariff for a new fleet deployment.  We realized that our software testing tool could be repurposed to generate kWh data for his needs.  He asked us to model various charge scenarios so that he could compare controlled and uncontrolled charging.  Because of the simulator, we could easily provide the requested data.  All that we needed was charger’s rated kW, fleet arrival / departure times, and battery stored kWh.


The simulated data provided allowed the analyst to make an informed estimate in less time with more accurate results over a manually created simulation.  It also clearly demonstrates the value of EV Smart Load Control for peak load management and time of use cost optimization.

EV Fleet Energy Simulation - Contact us

For a limited time, we’re offering qualified individuals a free EV Fleet Energy Simulation for their proposed fleet. Please see us at ACT Expo 2019 booth #1709 or contact us at info@evauto.us for more information.

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