U.S. Patent Office Grants Patent on EVauto Charge Management System

EVauto today announced the United States Patent Office (USPTO) has granted a patent to the company for its Charge Management System (CMS).  The patent recognizes the unique nature of EVauto’s charge management algorithms, which enable real-time electric vehicle (EV) charge management and reduce the cost of charging multiple vehicles.

“Being able to control charging activity and charging costs at any charging facility regardless of the number of chargers or connections has been a goal for charging infrastructure providers and managers,” explained EVauto President Andy Abrams.  “The patent granted to EVauto by the USPTO recognizes the unique ability of EVauto to deliver real-time smart charging to reduce charging costs, take advantage of utility ADR programs, and integrate EV fleet charging control into facility electricity management systems to optimize total facility utility costs.”

EVauto’s patented software powers all of the company’s charge management products, including EVauto Fleet Controller and EVauto Local Control, the EV industry’s first true OCPP local controller. The unique algorithms in the CMS enable EVauto products to operate on edge devices without use of the cloud, delivering a higher level of system security and reliability.  The software is also capable of handling inputs from multiple site meters, delivering advanced microgrid support.

“While we are extremely gratified that the USPTO has recognized the unique and robust nature of the EVauto CMS,” observed Abrams, “the real winners are Fleet Managers, Charging Facility Managers, and Energy Managers.  They will all tell you that controlling charging costs is becoming a major issue.  Now they have a unique, versatile charge management tool available which can help reduce utility costs for their charging facility or for their entire physical plant.”

About EVauto

EVauto is a software company specializing in electric fleet charging control systems.  EVauto’s patented software helps operators of electric vehicle fleets dramatically lower the cost of charging their fleets, increasing their return on investment in fleet charging control systems while providing fleet managers with as little or as much hands-on control as they need.  EVauto’s core design enables robust local control to insure uninterrupted performance and control during internet outages.  The EVauto platform works with any size charging stations, all charger technologies, all power sources, and can integrate easily with most facility energy management systems and on-site power generation.

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