EVauto® Selects Lynxspring Technology for New Electric Vehicle Charging Control Solution

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LEE'S SUMMIT, MO. – April 28, 2022 - Lynxspring, Inc. (www.lynxspring.com), a premier developer and provider of open software and hardware platforms, solutions, and services for smarter buildings, equipment control, and device-to-enterprise integration, announced today that EVauto® has selected Lynxspring’s JENEsys® and JENEsys Edge® controllers, powered by the Niagara Framework®, for their new Electric Vehicle (EV) charging control solution.

EVauto was created specifically for electric vehicle fleet operators, building owners, and building operators who want to add EV charging stations to their building portfolios. It reduces peak demand and shifts vehicle charging to off-peak hours, reducing charging costs by taking advantage of the unique rate structure of the utility companies. EVauto's platform is designed to save money by reducing electric vehicle charging costs 24/7/365 without sacrificing the ability to customize electric vehicle charging operations.

The EVauto solution:

  • Optimizes the cost of charging electric vehicles while giving little or as much control as needed via a hosted web interface
  • Limits power demand required for EV charging
  • Shifts charging to off-peak hours and allows for participation in utility demand response programs
  • Provides flexibility to set charging rules that can be applied in real-time to support unique usage patterns and needs
  • Allows for choice of control levels that work best for the way fleets are managed
  • Works on-site, adjacent to the charging station infrastructure
  • Easily integrates with building management and control systems
  • Includes built-in alerts that provide real-time notifications of issues that occur
  • Offers customizable dashboards, easy to understand analytics, and multiple security options
  • Provides customizable configurations for cost savings, including Demand Limiting, Off-Peak Charging, Facility Demand Leveling, Transit Optimization, Onsite Generation Matching, and Multi-Site Shared Setpoints

“Utility companies charge different rates at different times of day. An uncontrolled charging strategy, simply charging electric vehicles as soon as they return to a facility, puts companies at the mercy of the utility’s rate schedule,” said Andy Abrams, CEO of EVauto. “Shifting charging to a time when the rates charged are lower can significantly reduce EV charging costs.”

“Our built environment is necessary to accommodate smart-charging infrastructures and innovate new control structures to encourage load shifting to off-peak hours,” said Marc Petock, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer at Lynxspring. “The EVauto charging control solution lets customers to configure the level and type of control they want to maximize their return on investment.”

About Lynxspring, Inc.

Embracing open software and hardware platforms, Lynxspring develops, manufactures, distributes, and supports edge-to-enterprise solutions and IoT technology that create smarter buildings, smart equipment, and smart applications. The company’s technologies and solutions provide connectivity, control, integration, interoperability, data access, management, and analytics, enabling users to extract insight, value, and outcomes from operational data. Lynxspring’s solutions are deployed in millions of square feet of commercial and government settings in the United States and internationally. More information about Lynxspring is available at: www.lynxspring.com.

 About EVauto

EVauto is a software company specializing in electric fleet charging control systems.  EVauto software helps operators of electric vehicle fleets dramatically lower the cost of charging their fleets, increasing their return on investment in fleet charging control systems while providing fleet managers with as little or as much hands-on control as they need.  EVauto’s core design enables robust local control to insure uninterrupted performance and control during internet outages.  The EVauto platform works with all size fleets, all charger technologies, and all power sources, and can integrate easily with most facility energy management systems and on-site power generation.  For more information, visit www.evauto.us.

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