EV Fleet Charging Can Be Paradise

In EV Fleet Paradise, there are abundant chargers, enough for every vehicle.  Electricity rates are low and stay low, regardless of the time of day.  There is ample time to fully charge every vehicle in your fleet.  And every charger is identical, making repair and maintenance uniform and routine.  In this world, EV fleet charging control software is super simple because there is no complexity facing it.

And then the alarm goes off and EV Fleet Managers wake up to a world which is as far from Paradise as far can be.

In the real world, Fleet Managers don’t have unlimited charging time.  And they don’t have only one type of electric vehicle with one size battery.  And they don’t have one type of charger.  And utility rates vary by time of day.

And their EV fleet charging control software has to deal with all of it, which creates calculus-level complexity.  Here is the landscape your fleet charging software needs to handle, smoothly and seamlessly:

Different Chargers: the issue here is not different manufacturers.  The challenge is that many fleet charging facilities utilize both fast and slow chargers to meet different needs.  Some EVs in your fleet need to be charged as soon as possible, requiring fast chargers.  Other EVs have longer charging windows, which can be serviced by slow chargers.

If your charging facility contains both fast and slow chargers, your EV fleet charging control software needs to be able to support both.  At the same time.

Similarly, if your charging infrastructure has grown over time, it may include chargers from different manufacturers using different protocols.  Your EV fleet charging control software needs to be able to support chargers from multiple manufacturers and multiple protocols.  Simultaneously.

Different Rates: in Fleet Manager Paradise, the cost of electricity never changes.  In the real world, there are more pricing plans than streaming services: Real Time pricing; Time of Use pricing; Peak Demand charges; and Demand Response credits to incentivize companies to limit energy consumption at certain times.  Fleet Managers live in that very real, very complex world.  Their fleet charging control software should, too.  It has to be able to adapt to whatever the utility throws at it – even if different charging facilities are subject to different rate programs.

Different Facilities: With great power comes great responsibility.  And with EV fleet success comes fleet growth, which leads to more power consumed.  And more charging locations.

As EV fleet operations grow and expands, Fleet Managers increasingly have responsibility for multiple charging depots.  Sometimes the facilities are in the same city.  Sometimes they are in different cities but the same state.  Sometimes they are sprawled across multiple states.

New facilities create new charging management headaches and can easily, and unintentionally, cause spikes in fleet charging costs.  Your fleet charging control software has to be able to execute an integrated charging strategy that reaches across multiple charging depots.  The left hand has to know what the right hand is doing and coordinate with it to optimize fleet charging costs.


Fleet EV Smart Charging built on flexibility, dependability and financial payback

We developed EVautoNet (EVaN) to manage increasingly complex EV fleet charging realities.  EvaN uses proprietary algorithms to coordinate fleet charging across multiple sets of chargers, regardless of their location.

EVaN can execute custom fleet charging strategies that have to accommodate fast and slow chargers, no matter how many different manufacturers and protocols define your charging infrastructure.  EVaN can execute charging strategies based on your pre-determined demand set points and vehicle use patterns.  EVaN can coordinate across multiple facilities, no matter how far apart they are.

EVaN does all of this while never losing focus on its two main objectives: First and foremost, optimizing your EV fleet charging costs.  Second, making sure your fleet charges when you need it to charge.  EVaN improves charge system reliability by employing a distributed processing architecture to ensure that charging continues unabated even during network data outages.

EVautoNet was designed to help Fleet Managers move closer to their own fleet charging Paradise, no matter how unique it may be.  And if your fleet charging software can’t handle all of your real-world complexity, maybe you’re walking down the wrong path.

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