EVauto is an electric fleet charging control platform which reduces the cost of charging your fleet of electric vehicles.

EVauto is a charging control platform built around proprietary, patent-pending software.  The software interacts with your electric fleet charging infrastructure to optimize your charging costs.  There is one piece of EVauto hardware which is installed onsite to facilitate that interaction

Your electric fleet charging costs are driven by two things: when you charge your electric vehicles; and your peak electric usage.  EVauto shifts charging to those times when your electric utility is charging its lowest rates and spreads out your charging activity to reduce your peak load.

EVauto can be configured to allow charging whenever your fleet vehicles need to charge, but the EVauto platform will still work to reduce your peak load even when it is not possible to shift charging to lower rate periods

It’s not a problem at all.  The EVauto charging control platform supports any controllable charger, including OCPP 1.6j chargers, ClipperCreek HCS ad CS units, and other chargers.

EVauto can treat all of your chargers the same if you want it to, or it can treat them differently based on the electric vehicles they are supporting.  With EVauto, you can control each charger independently and input unique settings for each charger or input a single setting for all chargers.

With EVauto, you have the ability to set designated chargers to deliver maximum charging whenever a vehicle is connected, while setting other chargers to charge in a more flexible manner.

One thing we’ve learned from our decade of experience working on electric fleet charging is that the needs you describe are not unique.  With that in mind, EVauto was designed to give you the flexibility to configure your system to meet minimum power needs and uninterrupted charging demands if your vehicles require either or both.

Our primary focus, like yours, is on electric fleet charging.  However, EVauto offers several tools to support public charging, including the ability to limit charger availability to certain times, limit the maximum power available through those public chargers, support user authentication, and (if needed) support third-party charging networks.

EVauto can reduce your charging costs even if you’re charging a random array of electric vehicles that aren’t your own.  The same cost optimization principles apply.  EVauto doesn’t require all vehicles to be the same or to be owned by the company using the EVauto platform to save you money on electric vehicle charging.  EVauto can be configured to work with p-card or other authorization mechanisms to limit charging only to those you authorize.

The EVauto platform includes robust Demand Response functionality that gives you the ability to participate in and capitalize on these programs.  With EVauto, you can set each charger or your entire system to respond to three different levels of utility Demand Response incentives.

Your EVauto charging control platform can be configured to support micro-grid power sources, shifting seamlessly when those power sources are available and sourcing power from the main grid when they aren’t.

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