EVauto fleet management

The EVauto®platform is designed to save you money by reducing your electric vehicle charging costs 24/7/365 without sacrificing the flexibility to adapt to your specific electric vehicle fleet operations.

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We know that not every business, government, or educational institution that operates an electric vehicle fleet uses their electric vehicles in the same way or for the same purposes, or at the same time of day.  We know some fleets may consist of only a few vehicles and others may have dozens or hundreds.  Every electric vehicle fleet operator has different needs, and the EVauto electric fleet charging control is designed to adapt to and support all your electric fleet needs.

automatic electric cost optimization

Automatic Electric Cost Optimization

Once you set-up the EVauto platform, it works 24/7 to minimize the cost of charging your electric fleet by shifting your electricity consumption to lower-cost times of day and managing your total electric consumption to minimize your peak power demand. EVauto also gives you the ability to automatically take advantage of utility demand response (DR) programs that reduce your electricity rates during peak consumption periods.

Enhanced reliability

Enhanced Reliability

An internet outage is bad. An internet outage which disrupts the charging of your electric vehicle fleet is even worse. Because the EVauto charging control system includes an onsite controller, your electric fleet charging system keeps running even when your internet connection goes down, providing a level of dependability cloud-based platforms cannot deliver.

customizable charging preferences

Customizable Charging Preferences

Some electric fleets operate continuously, requiring rapid recharging of fleet vehicles. Other fleets operate intermittently, providing long periods each day for recharging of electric fleet vehicles. Some electric fleets are a mix of vehicles which need rapid recharging and those with extended charging windows. The EVauto platform gives you the ability to configure your charging load profile and establish charging priorities which meet the unique needs of your electric vehicle fleet.

automatic charging alert

Automatic Charging Issue Alerts

The EVauto platform is designed to keep your electric fleet charging operations running smoothly, efficiently and at the lowest possible cost. And yet there are times when everything doesn’t run smoothly. If an electric vehicle is not correctly connected or is not charging correctly, the EVauto platform will send you a real-time notification. If there is a hardware malfunction with one of your chargers, the EVauto platform will send you a real-time notification, no matter where you are, no matter when it happens. You can configure the EVauto platform to send e-mails or texts or trigger visual alerts or alarms when a charging issue arises.

supports all charger technologies

Any Charger/Any EV

There are a lot of different chargers on the market. With EVauto it doesn’t matter which charger you use. The EVauto platform is charger agnostic. It can support any charger your facility is using, which means as your electric fleet operations grow and you add chargers, you won’t need to replace your electric fleet charging control platform, regardless of the type of chargers you add. And because EVauto doesn’t rely on vehicle telematic data, the platform can support charging for your electric fleet vehicles, your customers’ and employees’ electric vehicles and electric vehicles from your company’s other locations.

power source flexibility

Power Source Flexibility

EVauto can optimize multiple sources of electricity. The EVauto platform can be configured to match charging to the output of your solar array, onsite batteries, or a contracted amount of renewable energy purchased over the utility’s grid to optimize your fleet charging costs and minimize your carbon footprint.

EMS integration

EMS Integration

Some companies prefer to manage their electric fleet electricity consumption as a standalone operation. Other companies prefer a more holistic approach. The EVauto platform can integrate with other facility power management systems to create a comprehensive power management control solution.

simplified data analysis

Simplified Data Analytics

We know that there may be many people at different levels of your organization who want to monitor your electric vehicle fleet operations and costs. Not everyone will have the same level of technical expertise, which is why the EVauto platform is designed to present your fleet charging data in an easy-to-understand, easy-to-analyze format.

customizable dashboard

Customizable Dashboard

Some electric vehicle fleet managers like to get buried in the details; others just want to see the big picture. With the EVauto platform’s customizable dashboard, you can display only the data you want to see. You can set your dashboard to display macro-level fleet charging information or get as detailed as you want, down to the level of each individual charger or vehicle in your fleet.

automatic weater adjustments

Automatic Weather Adjustments

During periods of extreme heat or extreme cold, charging your electric fleet can take longer than normal. EVauto can be configured to adjust your charging activity during periods of extreme weather so your fleet charging continues at the optimal levels possible without resetting your peak load.

Extend Battery Life

Multiple Security Configurations

Some electric vehicle fleet operators are comfortable managing their electric fleets entirely from a cloud-based control system. Others require the added security of a closed onsite control system, reducing the risk of someone hacking your fleet charging infrastructure. EVauto can do both so you can manage your electric fleet charging either way, letting you choose the level of security and reliability you need.

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