EVauto introduces first true OCPP local controller

EVauto today announced the release of EVauto Local Control, a breakthrough in OCPP charging control. EVauto Local Control allows facility owners who host EV chargers the ability to add local smart charging control to their existing charge management software systems for the first time.

“Local smart charging control is a game changer for any cloud-based EV charge management system,” explained EVauto President Andy Abrams. “For the first time, facilities operators will have a tool at their disposal which can be added to any OCPP network, enabling smart charging control to reduce charging costs, take advantage of utility ADR programs, and integrate EV fleet charging control into facility electricity management systems to optimize total facility utility costs.”

EVauto Local Control makes the company’s proprietary algorithms available to any open OCPP 1.6j compliant system. EVauto Local Control includes the company’s patented energy management control software to deliver the most robust smart charging platform on the market. EVauto Local Control can be integrated at the time of installation or retrofitted to benefit already-installed OCPP compliant chargers. The system’s robust architecture gives customers the ability to control EV charging power usage to optimize the integration of onsite solar and fixed battery storage into the charging equation.

“Customers who get higher than expected electricity bills are desperately seeking cost control,” noted Abrams, “but today’s cloud hosted OCPP systems can only meter and manage individual chargers. OCPP simply doesn’t include the ability to meter an entire EV charging facility, so cloud-hosted systems can’t deliver robust cost reduction, until now. EVauto Local Control manages the entire charging station based on consumption at the utility meter to dramatically lower a facility’s cost for electricity.”

About EVauto

EVauto is a software company specializing in electric fleet charging control systems. EVauto software helps operators of electric vehicle fleets dramatically lower the cost of charging their fleets, increasing their return on investment in fleet charging control systems while providing fleet managers with as little or as much hands-on control as they need. EVauto’s core design enables robust local control to insure uninterrupted performance and control during internet outages. The EVauto platform works with any size charging stations, all charger technologies, all power sources, and can integrate easily with most facility energy management systems and on-site power generation.

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