From Russia with . . .

EVauto Fleet Charge Control System - built on Tridium Niagara - reduces the cost of charging electric vehicles.
From Russia with . . .

It appears that a key impact of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine will be soaring energy costs.  For many corporations, fuel price increases will put extreme pressure on profits.  For consumers, the spike in gas prices will squeeze their wallets.  Everyone from the boardroom to the shop floor will feel the impact.

Gas prices touch everybody in our car-centered economy – except for those driving electric vehicles or operating EV fleets.  Rising gas prices will increase interest in fleet electrification, accelerating an already red-hot increase in EV adoption.  EVs have proven themselves capable and cost-efficient replacements for ICE vehicles.

Tenants across all classes of space are adding EV charging to their list of required amenities.  Warehouses with access to adequate power resources to support fleet charging are increasing in value.

These companies and facilities currently have control systems in place to operate HVAC, lighting, and other facility systems.  These systems keep space comfortable, lit, and functional.  They also reduce the cost of energy by operating connected systems more efficiently.  The same control principals – reducing electrical demand and lowering usage during peak-pricing hours – apply to the charging of EVs.  However so far, EV charge control remains the provenance of new entrants to the control space.

So far.  But no more.

The EVauto Fleet Charge Control System, powered by Niagara and Lynxspring’s JENEsys Edge® controllers, offers facility owners a way to extend their current control environment to the EV charging space, reducing the cost of EV charging.  And because the EVauto charging control platform integrates with existing Niagara systems, the cost of tapping into this new control opportunity is minimal.

The EVauto Fleet Charge Control System gives operators the ability to dramatically reduce the cost of charging by lowering demand spikes and limiting energy usage during peak hours.  Niagara’s flexible architecture – from the edge to the cloud – allows EVauto to operate in multiple configurations, from totally onsite to totally cloud.  EVauto’s onsite integrated EV Charge control is unique in the marketplace, and it delivers enhanced security and reliability to owners, operators, and tenants seeking properties which deliver EV charging solutions.

EVauto Fleet Charge Control System reduces the cost of charging electric vehicles.  Our patent-pending rules-based algorithms automatically manage the entire charge cycle to insure vehicle availability.  EVauto President Andy Abrams will discuss opportunities for EV charge control at Niagara Summit 2022 on Tuesday April 5.

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