Going the Extra Mile

Driving an electric vehicle – truck or car – is like playing a game.  Every time you charge your EV, the game is afoot, and the name of the game is “How far can I go on this charge?”

EV operators want to squeeze every mile possible of each charge.  And the funny thing is, no matter how many miles you get out of a charge, you always want to get one more.

And I know how to do it.

The secret to getting the extra mile, to extending your EV battery’s range comes down to one word: conditioning.

To be even more specific, we’re talking battery conditioning.

To understand the importance of battery conditioning, you need to understand the implications of battery temperature.  When an EV battery gets too hot or too cold, its charge capacity shrinks.  It’s sort of like the porridge Goldilocks finds.  If your EV battery is too hot, its capacity is reduced.  If your EV battery is too cold, its capacity is reduced.  “Just right” is getting your EV battery to the right temperature so it has maximum charging capacity.

So how do you get your EV battery temperature just right?  Your battery does it for you: EV battery packs include heating and cooling systems.  These kick in when needed to modulate battery temperature, but this modulation comes with a cost.  The heating and cooling systems need power to operate.  Your EV battery will use some of its existing charge to get itself to the right temperature and keep it there.  And that means that when the charging cycle ends, your EV battery will start drawing on its charge to maintain the ideal battery temperature.

“Drawing on its charge” is the fancy way of saying “Using up some of its charge while parked and leaving less of the charge for actual driving.”  And that means reduced range.

Most Charge Management Software (CMS) platforms end the charging cycle when the battery is charged.  And when the charging stops, drawing on the charge to maintain battery temperature begins -- which draws down your charge and shortens your range.  And, for many EVs, if you want to top off your charge, you have to unplug and reconnect your EV to the charger so a new charging cycle – to top off your charge – can begin.

EVauto CMS is different.  As your EV battery approaches the end of the power cycle, EVauto software throttles down the rate of charging, lowering the power level to a point where it maintains the ideal battery temperature.  Because battery conditioning is essentially being provided by the charger in a low power real-time connection, the battery retains its full charge, giving you the maximum possible range when you unplug and begin driving.

And that gives you the ability to squeeze extra miles out of each charge.

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