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Making the transition to an EV fleet is a big decision.  Buying your electric trucks or buses is the first step…and maybe easiest one.  Going electric is a complicated process with lots of moving parts.  EVauto® Fleet Charging makes the process easier for you and your company.

Through our national network of resellers, EVauto® Fleet Charging offers a turnkey solution to getting your new EV fleet charged and running that was created for one simple reason: you already have a day job.

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When you make the decision to transition to an EV fleet you need to buy your electric vehicles. You also need to determine how many chargers you will need, which chargers work best for you, and where they are going to go at your facility. You need to make sure your local energy provider has the infrastructure in place to get you the electricity you need. If it doesn’t, you need a plan to get that supply infrastructure in place. You need software that can monitor your chargers and alert you when something goes wrong, track your electricity usage, and take advantage of utility tariff programs in real time to minimize the cost of charging your EV fleet.

EVauto Fleet Charging is built around a four-step process designed to make the transition to an EV fleet as quick and painless as possible.

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The first two steps of the process, Engagement and Evaluation are what separates EVauto Fleet Charging from the competition and ensures your transition to an EV fleet gives you the best solution. During the Engagement phase, we work with you to define what success looks like to you and determine what resources you already have and what resources you need. During the Evaluation phase, we develop the installation plan, creating a site plan, identifying any power supply issues, and finalizing equipment specs.

The Development phase is when we determine the contractors who will handle the installation of your EV infrastructure. If you have contractors you want us to work with, we will. If you don’t we will bring best in class contractors to your project. This is when the bid and construction documents are created, along with a detailed project implementation schedule.

Deployment is when the dust flies and site prep and installation occurs. When the dust settles and everything is installed, our work is not done. EVauto Fleet Charging includes training your team and getting them comfortable with the installed equipment and software.

The EVauto Fleet Charging solution can also include ongoing maintenance of your EV infrastructure, inventory management, financing, and handling of warranty claims. We can also provide regular site inspections to ensure your EV infrastructure operates the way it should.

To start the process, contact your Sales Rep or contact us directly.

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