Control Dynamix’s EvAuto provides automated load management and usage data for fleet electric vehicle charging.  Our system has been deployed in over a dozen locations, and it’s designed to work with any open interface electric vehicle supply Equipment (EVSE).  It can either be deployed as a stand-alone system or integrated into a multi-site hosted platform.

The system was designed to offer a fast return on investment to fleet owners and operators.  EvAuto uses simple, proven adaptive algorithms to manage the kW load for charging electric vehicles.  The system allows a customer to establish a schedule that specifies the maximum load, restrict charging to specific hours, and it’s compatible with the OpenADR standard.  The system also includes EvMetrix which is our detailed information and system monitoring tool set that gathers detailed information concerning charge cycle management.

Our market strategy for EvAuto differs from most market participants in that we allow customers the option to either purchase or lease the system tools.  Owning the system allows clients to capitalize their investment, and as the system can operate in a stand-alone mode, it can be vastly cheaper than other management system.  For clients that would rather expense the system, we provide the option to structure an operating lease.

EVauto® fleet charging control system is powered by Control Dynamix.
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