Local Control Advantages

EV Depot MicrogridEvery time there’s a big internet outage in the U.S., the EV world talks about local control.  Charge management platforms that include onsite control make it possible for fleet charging operations to continue even when you’re offline -- something cloud-based charge management platforms cannot do.

And that’s a big deal, because reliability is the key to successful EV fleet charging operations.

It all goes back to one of the most important and significant rules governing the operation of EV fleets: the reliability of your EV fleet operations is tied to your charging operations.  Put another way: you can’t operate an EV fleet if you can’t charge it.  And platforms which offer onsite local control keep your chargers up and running even when your network connection is down.

EVauto’s charge management platform takes local control to another level.

If reliability is job 1 of a charge management platform, reducing your charging costs is job 2.  And EVauto’s charge management platform does that better than any other platform.  Here’s how we do it:

Robust Facility Metering and Control

EVauto software can read your facility’s power meters and react to what it’s reading.  Our system’s platform was designed to integrate with your facility’s energy management system to read your meters, control charging based on those meter readings and your fleet operation needs, and reduce electricity costs for your total facility.

Remember, your electricity costs change monthly based on your Peak Demand (i.e. the max amount of electricity you consume at any one time during the billing period) as measured at the utility meter.  If your charge management platform can’t read the meter, it can’t deliver max cost savings.  Unfortunately, the OCPP protocol only communicates each charger’s individual power.  It wasn’t designed to send other meter data because it wasn’t designed with fleet charging in mind.

Onsite EVauto software, however, can read and react in real-time to facility electricity usage based on what the meter is showing.  It controls fleet charging to manage facility Peak Demand to save you money.  Big money.

Your charge management platform should be doing that for you.

Automatic Load Control

Some facilities can’t get all the power they need whenever they need it.  They are power-limited facilities.  In these instances, your charge management platform has to integrate these restrictions into its charge control, regulating fleet charging activity in concert with power consumption across the facility to ensure that you stay within your power constraints.

With EVauto, you can deploy faster chargers with less costly electrical infrastructure.  Our software makes it possible.

Your charge management platform should make it possible for you.

Onsite Power & Microgrid Integration

Some facilities have onsite power alternatives to the grid.  Whether it’s battery storage or onsite solar, these alternative electricity sources can reduce the amount of power you demand from the grid.  Your charge management platform should operate in concert with these alternative electricity sources.

EVauto’s software architecture enables robust interoperability to insure you seamlessly integrate your onsite power generation and storage into facility operations, including fleet charging.  Our software optimizes the use of those onsite energy resources to deliver the greatest impact on your charging costs and your facility’s total utility bill, maximizing the return on your investment in onsite power alternatives.

Your charge management platform should be doing that for you.


Sometimes your facility’s connection to the internet goes down.  Components fails; lines get cut; systems get hacked.  It happens.  If you’re running a cloud-only charge management platform, you might find yourself unable to charge your EV fleet when a local outage occurs.  It might only happen once, but even once could disable your fleet for an entire day, negatively impacting your fleet operations, your customers, and your bottom line.  That’s a fleet operations disaster. 

EVauto includes both  to reduce the risk of losing your ability to charge your EV fleet.  EVauto’s onsite local control keeps your fleet charging operations humming, even when the network is down.

Your charge management platform should be doing that for you.

And if it doesn’t, we look forward to seeing you at the ACT Expo in Las Vegas.  We’re in booth 3406.

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