Manage Fleet Charging

EVauto®  delivers a roLower EV Charging Costsbust, onsite control system designed to increase charge system reliability and to reduce electricity costs for charging an EV fleet.  The core of the system is our patent-pending rules engine that enables set-it-and-forget-it operation.  Working with our support team, customers configure rules for charger operation based on each site’s particular needs.  On an ongoing basis, EVauto uses these rules to control charging of all connected vehicles.  As EVs are connected, reach full charge or depart, the rules engine recalculates the optimal charging solution on an ongoing basis.  Our onsite IOT technology ensures reliable operation whenever the power is on; even when the internet is down.

Energy savings are important, but the main mission of EVauto is to ensure that all vehicles are ready to go when needed.  The system notifies operators of any fault that impacts charging.  We catch simple issues like confirming that all vehicles are connected and complex issues that might indicate problems in either the charger or the connector.  Real-time notification ensures that operators have visibility into charging issues before they become readiness problems.  Automated reports deliver usage data configured for government incentive applications or for allocating charging costs to specific cost centers.

We designed EVauto to support both today’s requirements and tomorrow’s opportunities.  Our open interface easily connects to onsite generation and battery storage systems.  Our flexible architecture allows EVauto to connect to most web based systems including telematic, scheduling and utility RTP / DR signals.

We look forward to seeing you in Durham NC for the Sustainable Fleet Technology Conference and Expo 22  (8/30 – 9/1) where founder Andy Abrams will be presenting Considerations in EVSE Networking, Communications & Specifications.

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