The EVauto platform was developed to realize two fundamental goals:

Optimize your electric vehicle fleet charging costs

Maximize your return on your investment in a fleet charging control platform

Switching to an electric vehicle fleet will save you money versus your cost of operating a gasoline or diesel-fueled fleet.  So, if you’re already going to be saving money, why should you invest some of those savings in the EVauto® platform?

Because you can save even more.

EVauto payback

The EVauto platform can pay for itself in one year or less and deliver triple-digit three-year ROI.

It’s a bold statement, but we wouldn’t make it if we couldn’t back it up.  And we’re willing to show you how big your three-year return on investment can be.

If you’re willing to share a little information about your current or planned electric vehicle fleet, we would be happy to sit down with you and give you an estimate of the monthly savings, payback period, and three-year return your investment in the EVauto platform can deliver. 

To start the process, contact your Sales Rep or contact us directly.

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