As I start up a new business, I find myself reflecting on my former endeavors.

Servidyne, Inc. (formerly Abrams Industries, Inc), which was sold in 2011, sprang from the roots of many businesses that came together over many, many years.  The company earned a reputation for delivering the best value to customers with absolute integrity.   It was built by the efforts and dreams of our founders and their successors.  I started my career at Abrams Industries in 1984, and I had the honor and privilege to work with many outstanding people over the next 27 years.

I have been asked how Servidyne came to have such a great culture of integrity, dependability and quality.  Today, as I start this new endeavor, I hope that I can build an organization with a zeal similar to the one that we inherited from our fathers.  It’s easy to say that Control Dynamix will always deliver high quality work, on-time and at a fair price, but to achieve that lofty goal will require diligence and dedication.  Great reputations are earned through a focus on great work, not great intentions.

Servidyne / Abrams was renowned as a trusted partner and a supportive employer throughout its 86 year history first as general contractors and finally as energy efficiency experts.  Note that after our strategic shift to focus on energy efficiency, the company was almost entirely staffed by new people.  Even so, the company’s commitment to do the right thing remained constant even though the company had little resemblance to its roots in 1925.

I give much of the credit for the unbending moral clarity to my predecessors.    Our founder A. R. Abrams and his sons Bernie and Eddie forged a formal company philosophy that was printed in the company’s annual report every year.  When I was young, I found it to be antiquated, but now I read it and see in it the essence of the upstanding corporate culture that we enjoyed.

It would be wrong not to give credit to the other companies that formed the roots of Servidyne’s energy business.  We seeded the energy offerings through the acquisition of several leading businesses: Servidyne Systems, Wheatstone Energy, BPE and iTendant.  Those companies contributed their own corporate “DNA” to the mix.  However, the resulting company retained an absolute focus on doing its best for its clients, employees and community that remained constant and in modern business, unique.

I’m trying to write a philosophy for Control Dynamix.  (Isn’t every company supposed to have a vision, mission, etc.?)  I don’t know if the old Abrams philosophy is competitive or politically correct for a company in 2012, but I want to reprint here as a reminder to myself to honor the legacy of a great company.

Abrams Philosophy

Make a profit so that the Company will remain financially sound.

Help to develop the people in our organization to achieve their maximum potential in a climate that creates good working conditions, mutual trust and happiness.

Encourage our people to practice thrift, to take an active interest in their church or synagogue, community projects and government and to be good citizens.

Manufacture products and provide services of the highest quality, so that we may merit the respect, confidence and loyalty of our customers.

Be a source of strength to our customers and suppliers, conducting all of our transactions with them with fairness.

Plan and carry out all of our activities so that the Company can expand its leadership and be regarded as a model in industry.

I tip my hat to the ethics reflected in these words, and I will measure Control Dynamix against them in the years ahead.

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