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The EVauto® platform is designed to optimize the cost of charging your electric vehicle fleet. We save you money by reducing your Peak Demand and by shifting your vehicle charging, when possible, to off-peak hours and reducing the rate of charging, taking advantage of your utility’s unique rate structure.

Our proprietary patent-pending software puts control of your electric fleet charging in your hands, giving you the flexibility to set charging rules that EVauto applies in real-time as conditions on the ground change to support your unique usage patterns and needs of your electric vehicle fleet.

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The amount of money your company will spend on electricity to charge your electric fleet is driven by four factors:

Energy Consumption

How much total energy you use to charge your EV fleet

Peak Demand

How much energy you use to charge your EV fleet at any one time

kWh Cost

The cost of electricity at the time you charge your EV fleet

Rate of Energy Consumption

How fast you charge your EV fleet

The first factor (how much energy your electric fleet uses) is dictated by the type of electric vehicles in your fleet, how often they are driven, and how far they are driven. Those are decisions you control. The EVauto platform optimizes the other three factors to lower your fleet operating costs.

Fleet EV demand cost savings

Built on a foundation of Honeywell’s Tridium Niagara control system, the EVauto platform focuses on shifting the charging of your electric vehicle fleet. Load Shifting can reduce both the rate you pay for each kilowatt hour used and your peak power usage, lowering your electric vehicle fleet charging costs. Reducing either of these variables lowers your electric fleet charging cost. Reducing them both multiples your savings.

Fleet EV charging cost savings

Utility companies charge different rates at different times of day. An uncontrolled charging strategy, simply charging your electric vehicles as soon as they return to your facility, puts you at the mercy of the utility’s rate schedule. Shifting your charging to a time when the rates charged are lower can significantly reduce your charging costs, even if you don’t use a level load strategy and reduce your Peak Demand. But if you pair load shifting with a Level Load strategy – a two-pronged approach ideally suited for fleets which charge overnight – your savings multiply.

The EVauto platform lets you choose the level of control that works best for the way you manage your fleet. You can configure the platform at installation and leave the rest to EVauto’s software, or you can adjust charging preferences and limits as your fleet and your charging infrastructure changes.

The EVauto platform lets you establish your kilowatt setpoint (the maximum amount of electricity used to charge your fleet at any one time), set minimum and maximum charging levels per charger, prevent charging at certain times of day, and optionally participate in utility DR tariff programs. You can also use the platform to set a constant charging level regardless of time of day or rate charged by the utility if that works best for your electric fleet operation.

The EVauto platform has been designed to work onsite, adjacent to your charging infrastructure (electric vehicle supply equipment or “EVSE”). This improves the reliability and responsiveness of the platform. You can choose to have the platform operate through the cloud, like other electric fleet charging platforms, but having the platform operate locally allows it to maximize savings by continuing to operate during internet and cellular outages without interruption or any compromises in functionality.

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